ProTECTOR is looking for ARTISTS

We need your help to make new T-shirt designs


We want YOU to design a ProTECTOR T-Shirt .

Your design just might be printed on T-shirts for sale.

If we use your design, we'll put your picture on the ProTECTOR website and send you 2 free T-shirts with your design on them.



1. Designs can be sent in by ANYONE.

2. Designs must be original artwork.

3. Designs must be digitized and sent as Word documents or JPEGs (not PDFs).

4. Designs can be sent in ANYTIME.

5. You must be willing to provide photos and information about yourself, and parental approval for artists under 18 years of age for details to be posted on the ProTECTOR website.

Please send your T-shirt designs directly to sdunbar@llu.edu






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