28th International Sea Turtle Symposium
19 - 26, January, 2008
Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Conference Abstracts

Dunbar, S.G., Breman, J. and Stevenson, L. Activities of the Turtle Awareness and Protection Studies (TAPS) program on Roatan, Honduras. 28th International Sea Turtle Symposium. 19 - 26, January, 2008. Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. (Link to PDF) (Link to Poster)

local craft

(Left) Karen Eckert (WIDECAST) speaks with Kelvin Alie (IFAW) about public awareness of sea turtle issues.(Right) Plastic bag purse made by local artisans as an alternative income source to turtle harvesting.


(Left) Brad Nahill talks about the new See Turtles Program. (Right) Steve Dunbar with Cuban attendees discussing collaborative awareness campaigns.

ISTS2008 ISTS2008

(Left) Steve Dunbar with Conference attendees from Italy. (Right) Ariel Urquiola presents an awareness campaign in development.


(Left) The symbol for the conference - Native Oceans. (Right) Karen Bjorndal (R) with conference friend.

World of Turtles


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