Nesting Beach Monitoring Network

The Nesting Beach Monitoring Network is a program in the early development stage to establish a standardized monitoring system for nesting beaches throughout Honduras. Through the program, monitors will be trained in collecting data on nesting females, nesting beach area, numbers of nests, eggs laid and hatching success. The data will be mapped annually and shared with conservation communities and decision makers both nationally and internationally.

The program has started in two areas, to date. Our first site is on Roatan in the Bay Islands where confirmation of both hawksbill and green turtle nests was made in 2007. Our other site is at Punta Raton, on the Pacific coast, where records of Olive Ridley nesting date back at least three decades.

In the near future we hope to broaden the network to the other Bay Islands (Utila and Guanaja), Cayos Cochinos (just south of the Bay Islands) and the Mosquito Coast. We continue to partner with local communities to support and establish community based conservation efforts around the country.

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