Turtle Awareness and Protection Studies (TAPS)

The Turtle Awareness and Protection Studies (TAPS) program was the first research and conservation program developed under the ProTECTOR umbrella. Realizing that the numbers of sea turtles were declining, in part due to being caught by artisanal fishers, Mr. Larry Stevenson, owner of the Reef House Resort on Roatan, Honduras, began to develop a plan that would include research and the release of captive turtles. Larry met Stephen Dunbar in October, 2005 and, finding a common interest in the welfare of the island’s turtle populations, the two began discussing how a research program on the island would be of benefit. The TAPS program was launched in March, 2006 and now carries on research, conservation and education outreach in cooperation with local communities on Roatan. In the near future, the TAPS program will be expanding to the other Bay Islands, including the marine reserve at Cayos Cochinos.

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Turtle Adoption
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