30th International Sea Turtle Symposium
24-30, April, 2010
Goa, India


Conference Abstracts

Dunbar, S.G., Salinas, L. ProTECTOR - Coordinating sea turtle research and conservation in Honduras. 30th International Sea Turtle Symposium. 24-30, April, 2010. Goa, India.


Conference Pictures


displays   steve poster
Poster Presentations at the Kala Academy in Panaji, Goa
Steve with poster presentation



poster   turtle flower
Symposium banner
Turtle artwork created with flowers and colored sand




AleG   julia




Genetics meeting   Kala sign
    Kala Academy in Goa




two presidents   Steve Matt




steve friends   Steve Jean




Steve Daniella  



Steve Lisa   Steve Dave




Sasbine friend



steve andrea


steve andrea brian   Steve lounging





Local Pictures



Breakfast Chef   Steve dinner


jugs for sale   steve singing



St elephant   Steve elephant




Steve motorcycle


steve motor   Steve car



tree climber   fermenter




steve intertidal   hermit search



ICAPO 2010













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