32nd International Sea Turtle Symposium
12-16, March, 2012
Huatulco, Mexico

Conference Abstracts

Duran, N, Dunbar, S.G. Preliminary Results on Post Nesting Fine Scale Movements of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. 32st International Sea Turtle Symposium. 12-16 March, 2012. Huatulco, Mexico. See abstract PDF here.


Conference Pictures

  Flying into Mexico CIty on our way to Oaxaca for the symposium.
The beautiful surroundings of Huatulco at the Las Brisas Huatulco Hotel.


Overlooking Playa Manzanilla's breathtaking scenery.  
Taking a dip at Playa Tornillo.
Opening night festivities with dancing and fun.
  Marianne Fish explains beach profiling database anaylses to the beach profiling course participants.


Practing various techniques of beach profiling as at Playa Tornillo.
Maria Martins, Steve Dunbar, Rita Patricio, and Miguel Rodrigues practice sighting the horizon for beach elevation. Steve Dunbar, Khristina Bonham and Maria Martins learn to analyze beach elevation Detail of horizon measuring with basic elevation tools.


Beach profiling team: Khristina Bonham, Miguel Rodrigues, Rita Patricio, Lindsey Damazo, Steve Dunbar, Marianne Fish, and Maria Martins Hotel scenery from the balcony of Las Brisa restaurant.
A view from Las Brisas Huatulco Hotel balcony overlooking the reef area.
Steve catches up with Veronica Caceres, Secretariat of the IAC


Noemi Duran, Lindsey Damazo and Steve Dunbar in front of Noemi and Steve's poster
The poster / vendor hall was a popular spot to meet new and old friends and chat during breaks
Conference-goers watching one of the excellent presentations


Lindsey Damazo enjoying the beautiful scenery Lindsey Damazo spends the afternoon break on the floating trampoline
Wildlife was abundant at the resort, including this curious iguana sunning himself on the shoreline
































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