Conference Abstracts 2016

Dunbar, S.G., Sung, K., Cole, L., Reyna, R., Anaya, S., Juma, D., Salinas, L. 2016. Impacts of beach pollution on sand temperatures and post-hatching migrations in hawksbill hatchlings. 36th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation. 29 February - 4 March, 2016. Lima, Peru. Abstract PDF here.

Salinas, L., Holloway, S., Dunbar, S.G. 2016. Resolving conflict issues among sea turtle conservation research, community interests, and government agencies. 36th Annual Symposium on Sea turtle Biology and Conservation. 29 February - 4 March, 2016. Lima, Peru. Abstract PDF here.


Conference Pictures

  Lima Aerial map of Pre-Incan temple
  Shark Clay artifact Poterry clay Lima
  Poterry Marine Life Lima Pre-Incan People Lima
  Pre-Incan civilization Lima Peru
  Photo ID workshop ISTS 2016 Claire Jean
  Kostas Papafitsoros Andres Extrades
  Steve Dunbar Jess Williams
  Gilber Machado Photo ID workshop
  Tanya Berger-Wolf Photo ID workshop
  Chuck Stewart Jason Holmberg
  Wendy Macfarlane Steve Dunbar Maxine Montello Participants at the Sea Turtle Symposium
  Joana Alfaro Shigueto Attendees at the Sea Turtle Conference
  Brian Nichols Karen Bjorndal
  Lidia Salinas Lidia Salinas and Steve Dunbar
  Steve Dunbar Sea turtle conference
  Sea turtle art Cisem Sezgin
  Ray Carthy and Tony Tucker group pictures sea turtle conference
  Joana Alfaro Shigueto and Steve Dunbar Group picture Sea Turtle Conference
  Emma Harrison Steve Dunbar and Mariana Fuentes Steve Dunbar and Cisem Sezgin
  George Balazs and Kelly Stewart Aliki Panagopoulou and Steve Dunbar
  Karen Bjorndal Allan Bolton and Frank Paladino Itzel Sifuentes and Steve Dunbar


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