Nesting Beach Monitoring Network

2012 Research Update


Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge  





lagoon beach
Lagoon in Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge Cuero y Salado beach
canoe kids2
  Playing games with resident children
Fishermen kids1
Residents take a break in the education center  
MomandSon path
  Path to the beach
house Dustin
Dining area Train to the refuge
sunset profile1
Sunset over the lagoon Beach profiling


Beach profiling Beach profiling







BICA workshop BICA workshop
Lindsey giving a presentation to Utila residents BICA meeting
BICA workshop
Lindsey's presentation Beach camp at the remote study site
Chel equipped with a satellite transmitter Flipper tagging Chel
Chel nesting before tag attachment

Robyn with Chel prior to release

Ginger equipped with satellite transmitter Lindsey weighing eggs



Lindsey attaching a transmitter Hatchlings

El Venado  
August 2012  
Cooking AdrienneForWeb
Maura (L) and Tenita (C) explain some cooking tips to some of the other Turtle Center ladies. Adrienne Workman assesses a community patient.
Registration Delgado
Some of the young ladies from El Venado being registered by Steve Dunbar for the Health Clinic. Discussing some of the community needs with residents is one of the things Geraldine Delgado enjoyed most about the SIMS trip to El Venado.
Engineers Construction
The engineer from Marcovia helping to design the water tower and new showers for the Center. At the water tower construction site.
Engineers GroupwithHawksbill
The engineer doing some more planning. Lidia Salinas (L), Quinto (C) and Henrique (R) burry a nest of eggs that was purchased before the "Veda" began.
  Two professors (center and right) who came to learn more about the ProTECTOR research, and are interested in assisting ProTECTOR with turtle genetic studies.
Friedman Patient
On this trip, Loma Linda University Nutrition student, Maya Friedman, learns some minor dental assisting techniques as she helps Dr. Parker with his patients. Dr. Richard Parker consulting with one of his little dental patients.
People Parker
Other volunteers who helped at the Turtle Center. Dr. Richard Parker with another dental patient.
Hammer SteveReina
Henrique Vijil removing epoxy from a satellite tag. After he found a satellite tag, Christian (R), a fisherman, gave it to Reina (C), his grandmother. The satellite tag is being returned to Steve Dunbar (L).
SIMSGroup Cruzado
SIMS Volunteers 2012 in front of El Venado Turtle Center. Loma Linda University Nursing student Rafael Cruzado consulting a young patient.
September 2012  




Loanis Epoxy

Applying a transmitter to Loanis Applying a transmitter to Loanis
Loanis Olive Ridley
Loanis before release Nesting Olive Ridley
Hawsbill nest Sabine Sat Tag
Group with a hawskbill nest Sabine makes her way back to the sea
Hawskbill Hatchling Lidia
Hawksbill hatchling Lidia with a hatchling
Hatchling Hatchlings
Hawksbill hatchling

Hatchlings equipped with glowsticks for night tracking

EducationGroup Poster
Dr. Dunbar with the education group Reading the ProTECTOR poster
School Pinata
Dr. Dunbar teaching students about turtle conservation Children pose with a sea turtle pinata
Punta Raton  





Beach Blood Sample
Playing games on the beach Noemi takes a blood sample from nesting turtle
Pinata Beach Cleaning
Noemi helps the children play with a pinata Local children help with a beach clean-up
Children Playing Hatchling
Noemi playing with local childern Olive ridley hatchling
Pinata Noemi
Noemi helps the children play with a pinata Playing games with local children

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Bottles 2 Buildings


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