Satellite Tracking of Nesting Females

Reina-Christiana- Launched Sept. 2012


The ProTECTOR Satellite Tagging Program began in September, 2010 with the very first sea turtle to be tagged with a satellite transmitter in the history of Honduras. Her name is"Erica" and she's an adult Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea).

To see a map of Erica's travels soon after release click here.

Maps for Reina-Christiana coming soon


Reina-Christina coming on shore to nest
Fixing the satellite tag on her carapace
Steve Dunbar, Nerys Zeliya and Henrique Vijil putting the finishing touches on the satellite tag for Reina-Christiana
Reina-Christiana with her newly fixed satellite tag
Reina-Christiana heading back toward the ocean with her satellite tag in tow














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