Turtle Awareness and Protection Studies (TAPS)

2013 Research Update

June - July



Stephen Dunbar workshop 3   Stephen Dunbar workshop 2

Stephen Dunbar discusses the techniques of measuring and flipper tagging sea turtles with participants of the ProTECTOR / BICA Utila workshop at the BICA office.

  One of the BICA Utila volunteers learns to properly handle and flipper tag a nesting sea turtle.
Stephen Dunbar workshop   Stephen Dunbar project sleepers
Ana Quiñonez practicing flipper tagging after being taught the technique by Steve Dunbar   Enjoying a rest break from walking the beach on nightly monitoring patrols for nesting hawksbills.
Stephen Dunbar sleeping   Stephen Dunbar project sleepers
Stephen Dunbar critically analyzing highly complex and intricate data. The species under study is currently unknown, however we do know that sheep were involved.   Ana Quiñonez taking a break during night monitoring.

For a complete report on the TAPS activities for 2012 see PDF report here.

















































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