Board of Directors

Stephen G Dunbar

Stephen G. Dunbar, Ph.D., Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

President. In March, 2006, Steve began to formulate a plan. After seeing the huge possibilities for sea turtle research, conservation, education outreach and local community development in Honduras and with the help of marine data modeler, Joe Breman, and resort owner, Larry Stevenson, Dunbar began planning the organizational structure of the Protective Turtle Ecology Center for Training, Outreach and Research, Inc. (ProTECTOR, Inc). “We spent a lot of time discussing ideas and concepts; how would the organization work? How would we get started? Where would we find funding? There were a hundred other questions. Finally, we just said "OK, it’s time, let’s get it going!” So we did. The company was incorporated in January, 2007 and received non-profit status in May of the same year. “We’re growing quickly, but there’s potential for so much more to do. We’re going to make a difference to sea turtle conservation in Central America!”

Lidia Salinas, Honduras

Vice President. Lidia has been an integral part of the plan to open a ProTECTOR office in Honduras. Since finding out about ProTECTOR, Inc. in 2006, Lidia has been an advocate for the organization and assisted in making contacts for our establishment in the country. With extensive experience in community-based conservation, as well as environmental education, Lidia is well suited to lend leadership and direction to our outreach and research efforts. Lidia has a special interest in working with local communities to develop alternatives to the taking of turtles and their eggs. We’re very excited to have Lidia working with us as a sea turtle ProTECTOR, Inc.


Victoria Van Mouwerik, California

Secretary. Victoria has been an avid supporter of ProTECTOR, Inc. from the outset, and has been integral in establishing the ProTECTOR, Inc. News Newsletter (she was the first Assistant Editor), and was the initiator of the curent ProTECTOR, Inc. Facebook page. Victoria has even spent time in Honduras working alongside Dr. Dunbar and participating in a Marine Biology course in Roatan. Victoria was unanimously voted in as Secretary in September 2014 by the rest of the BoD. We welcome her to the Board and appreciate her continued input and support of the work of ProTECTOR, Inc.

Larry Stevenson, Reef House Resort, Roatan, Honduras

Assistant Secretary. A heartfelt interest in the status of sea turtles around Roatan drove Larry Stevenson to seek help in organizing a research and conservation project. One of the originators of the TAPS program, Larry has provided substantial in-kind support to the TAPS program and actively promotes the work of TAPS and ProTECTOR, Inc. in Honduras, the United States and Canada. His business skills and background lend important experience to the ProTECTOR, Inc. Board of Directors.

Sabine Dunbar, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

Treasurer. Sabine Dunbar has a deep interest in nature and a keen eye for spotting wildlife. Although she works as a Nursing Professor, she has experience as a field assistant and enjoys working alongside her husband, Stephen, whenever her schedule allows her to be involved in research. Her attention to detail and experience with finances makes her a good choice as treasurer for the ProTECTOR, Inc. organization.















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