Stephen G. Dunbar, Ph.D.

Loma Linda University


Recognizing the need for a research and conservation program in the Bay Islands, the TAPS program was initially developed by Steve Dunbar and Larry Stevenson, owner of the Reef House Resort. After searching the sea turtle literature, Dunbar realized that the country of Honduras was not represented among the global sea turtle conservation community. “TAPS has given us an initial base from which to work in the Bay Islands and we’re progressing nicely with our research work in that area.”

Dunbar is also spearheading efforts among local communities throughout Roatan for community-based conservation efforts. Recently, with assistance from the owners and staff of the Reef House Resort, and with funding support from SWOT, Steve held workshops with local community members to discuss income sources and livelihoods as alternatives to the taking of sea turtles or sea turtle eggs.


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